Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Minnesota's Almanac Discusses Pay and Unions


Eliot Seide of AFSCME and Rep. Downey discuss the proposed 15% reduction in Minnesota State employee workforce. Also mentioned are equal pay and benefits for public and private workers. The gender wage gap between public sector employees and private sector employees is mentioned. (77% for private sector 100% for state employees).

Thursday, March 3, 2011

MinnPost - Bill to abolish pay equity is pulled, and author apologizes

MinnPost - Bill to abolish pay equity is pulled, and author apologizes

We are thrilled to learn of Senator Carlson's change of heart. Thank you Senator Carlson.

There are still more anti-pay equity bills in the Minnesota state hopper: HF698 / SF282.

Thank you to all our supportive organizations:

Child Care Works
American Association of University Women/Minnesota
American Association of University Women/Minneapolis
Education Minnesota
Gender Justice
JOBS NOW Coalition
Joint Council Legislative Committee of the Girl Scouts
Minnesota Business Women
Minnesota Constitution Amendment for Equality
Minnesota Library Association
Minnesota National Organization for Women
Minnesota Women’s Consortium
Minnesota Women Lawyers
MPIRG – Minnesota Public Interest Research Group
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota