Monday, February 15, 2010

Pay Equity in New Mexico

Governor Bill Richardson Directs State Government to Ensure Gender Pay Equity, Lead New Mexico to Equity Goals (12/8/09)

SANTA FE – Governor Bill Richardson today signed an executive order directing agencies under his control to report annually and remedy any gender pay gaps among their workers, and establishing a firm schedule and process for private contractors with the State to do the same.

The Governor’s directives come from recommendations by his Task Force on Fair and Equal Pay, created last year to examine gender and racial pay equity and job segregation within state government. Dr. Martha Burk, the Governor’s Senior Advisor on Women’s Issues, chaired the Task Force, which was composed of members from the private and public sectors.

“Eliminating the pay gap that all too often prevails between men and women is a top priority of mine,” Governor Bill Richardson said. “New Mexico is taking the lead among the states to greater pay equity in the larger workforce and economy. Our actions can serve as a national model. This is an important economic justice and civil rights issue, and common sense requires it.”

Today’s executive order directs all state executive agencies to submit reports on pay equity annually beginning next year. Where pay gaps exist, agencies will submit plans to overcome any non job-related pay gaps.

Beginning July 1, 2010, vendors and contractors of 10 or more employees will file a pay equity report with the State of New Mexico every year. By next fall, a working group appointed by the Governor will develop and issue a point system for incentivizing progress toward pay equity in the scoring of Requests for Proposals, and other bidding processes for State of New Mexico work. The State Personnel Office will provide technical assistance to agencies, contractors and prospective contractors for complying with this Order.

A survey by the Governor’s task Force found gender pay inequities in New Mexico state government are less than the national average.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

PECOM -- Minnesota 2010 Session Begins

Pay Equity Friends,

We're gearing up for another legislative session.

PECOM's 2010 initiatives:

1. Defend current pay equity laws. Monitor appropriate committee activity and be ready should attempts to weaken current laws surface.

2. Educate Minnesota legislators and the public on the current pay equity statutes.

3. Act as consultant to state and municipalities around the country who look to Minnesota as leaders in pay equity.

4. Monitor any initiatives that affect women's economic well being such as paid sick days and job creation incentives. Additionally, encourage any new jobs created in our state be in compliance with current pay equity statutes.

We appreciate our volunteers and hope you will continue to support us. Additionally, in order to execute our initiatives we are undertaking the fee based services of policy consultants.

If you or your organization can help us monetarily please send a check to our fiscal agent:

The Minnesota Women's Consortium,
Tagline: Pay Equity Coalition of Minnesota
550 Rice St.
St. Paul, MN 55103

Don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.
Also, please let me know if you know longer wish to receive notices from the Pay Equity Coalition of Minnesota. Send me a note at

Thanks everyone,

Patty Tanji
Pay Equity Coalition of Minnesota