Monday, December 3, 2012

Purchase Earn More, Move Up: A New Look at the Gender Pay Differential

Get your signed copy of Earn More, Move Up: A New Look At The Gender Pay Differential by Hamline University Professor Jennifer Keil, Ph.D. with a $10.00 donation to the Pay Equity Coalition of Minnesota. Contact for details.

Chapter 1: Gender, Risk, and Compensation. Jennifer Keil, Keith Chauvin

Chapter 2: Disappearing Gender Differences in Salary Expectations of University Seniors. Beth Ann Martin, Marian M. Extejt

Chapter 3: Differences in Men's and Women's Beliefs and Requesting a Higher Salary.

Chapter 4: Gender Pay Differences Among Highly Skilled Workers: The Market for Veterinarians. David M. Smith

Chapter 5: Skill Deterioration and Women's Labor Market

Choices. Jennifer Keil, Karine Moe

Chapter 6: Play Room to Board Room: Understanding Gender Communication and Competition. Lori Charron

Chapter 7: Beyond One Woman at Time. Diane Cushman, Bonnie Watkins (This chapter details the Minnesota Pay Equity Experience) 

Chapter 8: Conclusion and Action Plan. Jennifer Keil This book was first published in 2006 by the now defunct Center for Economic Progress -- a think/action tank.
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