Saturday, January 5, 2008

Share Your Thoughts on Pay Equity

How has pay equity affected you?

Are you paid less for the work you do because it's 'women's work'?

Have the MN laws on pay equity been helpful to you and your family?

Please share your stories about pay equity with us. Tell us whether pay equity makes a difference in your life. We are working to eliminate the 'gender gap' in earnings and want to stay connected to real people in real jobs.

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Patty said...

I was asked for advice the other day from a woman who believed she was discriminated against (not in MInnesota). She had since left that job as a result. After sending an e-mail response I couldn't help but realize, despite all our laws, we still have so far to go to achieve an equitable place in the labor market. The answer to the question "Am I being paid the same as my male counter part?" continues to be unanswerable due to the secrecy surrounding our paychecks and the threat of employer retaliation should women call attention to pay discrepancies. However, not being one to bask in negativity, there are positive steps one can take to help even the playing field. This blog is a start.