Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Uncovering Wage Inequities in the Market Place

September 15, 3 pm. Uncover Gender Inequities in the Market Place. A teleconference.   You must click on the link and leave your name and email for call details.    

Eddy Lindenstein of PayScale will show us how their Insight tool helps determine market rates of pay and gender inequities inherent in the marketplace for wages. This tool is used by employees and employers alike.

The Pay Equity Coalition of Minnesota has long believed that market considerations (external equity) as well as how your salary compares to others at your workplace (internal equity) must be taken into account when setting wages. The state of Minnesota assigns job point values to each job class then ensures pay properly reflects that value. As was determined by Minnesota Taxpayer Association report published October, 2010:
"State employee wages are typically above market rates for positions requiring less
education while below market rates for positions with higher educational requirements."
The state's pay equity laws ensures there are no patterns of paying women less then men for jobs of similar job point value in the public sector.  

For Employers - This tool will show you how gender inequities exist in the market place for the same jobs in any market.   You will learn how wage benchmarking alone may be a trap leading to discriminatory wage practices.

For Employees - This tool will show the realities of gender wage discrepancies. Many employees use this as a starting point from which to begin salary negotiations.


September 20, 12 pm - 2 pm, 2012 legislative session strategy meeting of the Pay Equity Coalition of Minnesota.   Lunch will be served. Everyone is welcome!  Please rsvp by responding to this email and stating 'yes -- I plan to attend'. Big conference room, basement, 550 Rice St., St. Paul.


Plans are unfolding for a national/international conference on women, pay, and economic security.   Information regarding opportunities to partner with Patty Tanji of Open Workplace, LLC and/or help sponsor the event are forthcoming.  Contact patty.tanji@myopenworkplace for details.

Let's do it up Minnesota style!

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