Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Pay Equity: The Minnesota Experience" is now available!

Here's what we did! 

Excerpted from the summary and full report...

  • State Government Pay Equity Act

    The State Government Pay Equity Act has eliminated the gender pay gap for job classes* of comparable value. 
  • Women in state government employment today on average earn 89% of male wages, a 20 percentage point improvement since 1976.

  • To close the lingering 11 cents gender wage gap, not only will more women have to go into traditional male occupations, but more men will have to go into traditional female occupations. If office/clerical jobs were held equally by men and women, and skilled craft jobs were held equally by both genders, the state government wage gap would decrease to 2 percent, no longer a significant difference.

    Local Government Pay Equity Act

    Women in local government employment on average earn 88% of male wages. An improvement over the private/public sector where women earn 81% of male wages. 

    When wages are compared for job classes* of comparable value, the gender wage gap disappears. 

*A job class is a group of similar jobs that have the same job title. Examples from the report p. 21 "Officials & Administrators, Professionals, Technicians, Protective Service, Paraprofessionals, Office/Clerical, Skilled Craft, Service Maintenance"

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Minnesota Bonnie said...

Fabulous Patty Furzer Tanji, Thanks for making this wonderful resource available all over the world. Huge thanks also to Barbara Battiste, director of the legislative Office on the Economic Status of Women, for shepherding this brilliant report - with wisdom from 30 years experience - to completion.