Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Move to repeal pay equity is a foot at the capitol - Star Tribune

Here's my two cents in response to the article......

The Pay Equity Coalition of Minnesota opposes the repeal of the local government's pay equity law for many reaons but here's a couple of quick ones.......

The law continues to put money in the pockets of hard-working women working in the public sector.

The pay equity law puts the onus on employers to fairly treat their employees in terms of wage setting.

The law is different than other federal and state pay equity laws that are complaint driven and require employees to sue their bosses to be compensated fairly. Suing your boss.......not a good idea.

This law goes well beyond the concept of equal pay for equal work -- it examines a job's value to an employer, regardless of gender, using criteria such as know how, problem solving, accountability, and working conditions.

Jobs are paid based on their job value. Statistical analysis determines whether or not there is a pattern of paying women less then men doing jobs of similar value to that employer.

If patterns of gender inequities are found in local units of governments, salary adjustments must be made to comply with the law.

And there you have it........

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