Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pay Equity Law Detects Patterns of Pay Inequities

The Local Government Pay Equity law prohibits one thing: a consistent pattern of paying less for jobs done by women, when they are of comparable value to jobs done by men - with the value determined by the city's or county's management.

The law does not require raising men's wages.

The law does not require hiring a consultant.

It does not require a market survey.

It does not require re-evaluating all jobs every year.

The law does not dictate any particular system for assigning points to jobs

It does not dictate statewide pay rates for any job.

It does not require "pay for points."

The "pay equity study" can be completed in about an hour for any jurisdiction with fewer than 10 job titles.

Management determines the value of each job, based on the skill, effort, responsibility, and working conditions.

The law was written to address sex based pay inequities. Any pay raise that does not address the consistent pattern of paying women less then men for jobs of comparable value - is a misuse of the law. Anyone who gets a raise for any reason other than gender based pay inequity is not the result of Minnesota's pay equity law but rather management's decision to pay those people more for whatever reason.

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